MtA Episode 146: Slow Rider

On this episode, Maria and Meghan slow things down. It’s all about slow play! What is the best way to ask your opponent to play faster? What should be a judge’s role in calling out slow play? And, if you’re a slow player, what can you do to improve your speed? PLUS: drafting smarter for increased win percentages over time, our hosts go trick-or-treating dressed as BFZ cards…and, most importantly, a VERY SPECIAL edition of Pack Wars featuring Justin Beiber. BONUS CONTENT: a special announcement!

One thought on “MtA Episode 146: Slow Rider

  1. Re: the kitten/chicken problem. We have a kitten, who as the youngest of many cats, we called ‘kitten” for so long that he would not accept any name which did not sound like kitten. The only name that stuck is “Kithkin,” after the Magic cards. He seems quite happy with it.

    (He can count his blessings that he was named before Origins came out, so he did not wind up with the name Kytheon.)

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