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This is a site for Magic: the Gathering learners, players who are returning to the game, or anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. (Like Grey Poupon, towels right out of the dryer, or a roasted duck served inside a turkey). Our primary focus is our podcast, which can be found by clicking “podcast” above, heading to Tolarian Community College, or subscribing on iTunes or Stitcher!

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The Hosts
MariaMaria is one of our two enthusiastic amateur players. She began playing in October, 2012 and hasn’t looked back since! Her favorite colors to play are Red/Black because of their ability to vanquish an enemy before they have time to pull on their pants. Maria’s play style is often described as impulsive, passionate and destructive.





Meghan is our other enthusiastic amateur player! She also began playing in October, 2012 – and is the only one of our hosts to have played Magic in three different countries! Meghan’s favorite colors to play are Blue/White because she has a major thing for control. Meghan’s play style is cool, analytical and unforgiving.




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  1. Hey guys! My dad, brother, and I just picked up the hobby! We bought 3 deck builder boxes and several booster pack and are going to town! I’ve been catching up on the podcasts to try to gain an edge on the family competition. Our goal is to learn enough to start getting into Friday night magic and such. Getting started is slightly overwhelming but we’re having a blast. You guys are awesome and hilarious. Thank you for all your help. I feel like I’m journeying with you guys through learning the game. You’re a great help. Thank you!

  2. Also, I think a deck showcase special one every month or so would be cool…. maybe a deck you’ve had alot of recent success with or something…. kind of give us noobs an idea of a good deck. Just a thought. Thanks!

    • Great idea, Josh! We are planning a deck analysis segment in the near future. Tentatively called, “What’s Wrong With My Deck?” If you have a photo of a draft deck you’d like analyzed, just email us @ magictheamateuring-at-gmail.com

  3. With limited resources out of the picture you guys are unquestionably the best cast on the mtgcast network. I’ve been playing for a little over a year and listening to your cast from day one. The Minnesotan accents make me feel at home as a fellow Minnesotan even though I am in a desert shithole in southwest Asia. Anyway, thanks for putting out a great show and giving me laughs during my deployment!

  4. Hey guys just found this podcast while looking around for a place to learn/play Magic in the Minneapolis area. I have some old 4th edition cards as well as some Ice Age back from when I was like 13. I’ve been trying to get back into playing and downloaded Planeswalker 2014.

    Anyways I really enjoy the podcast (only listened to 1 so far, plan on listening to more during my workday).

    Any suggestions on what I should buy to start off? M14 I’m assuming? Where do you guys play?

    • We play at Mead Hall which we highly recommend! It’s pretty awesome. We also play mostly limited (sealed and drafts) so we don’t usually straight-up buy a lot of cards. If I were you, I’d do some research online as to what type of deck I’m interested in building and go from there! Perhaps take a popular archetype and make it your own! A good place to ask this question is the forums on http://www.themeadery.org — that is Mead Hall’s social MTG network and is really awesome. (We also post articles there!) Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Just got back into magic a few weeks ago (when I did play I was in middle school and had a 200+ goblin deck and no internet so yeah I had no clue what I was doing haha). So I pretty much had to learn the basics again, and two other guys from work started playing too. So we were all learning together and your podcast has given me such an advantage. You guys have made me think about different strategies, synergy and win conditions. Just wanted to thank you guys for the pod cast its helped me so much and you guys are really entertaining and funny. Keep them up, I’m almost out of episodes to listen too.

  6. I have started at the beginning of the podcast and I’m to episode 25. Just wondering if you guys have tried commander (edh) or not. It’s a favorite of mine and I would love to hear about it if you guys haven’t done it yet

  7. Great podcast, I’ve been playing since December and have learned a lot from you guys. In fact it was your tactical discussions are what prompted me to start building decks around trampling deathtouch creatures ;p

    Are you guys doing the what’s wrong with my deck section? If so how would I submit my deck for it?

    Also letting you know you’ve reached the uk (I’m Scottish)

  8. Hi gang – Just dropping some praise on you guys, I’m a listener from England and I’ve been playing since DOTP14 on xbox and got into paper soon after – Even though I’m 40 and should definitely know better…
    Your shows are perfect for newer players and even though I feel I’m definitely ‘up to speed’ on the MTG world and play, I still stick around as you have the most entertaining and funniest MTG podcast out there. I listen to quite a few and the two best are you and LRCast.
    You guys actually talk about magic and love the game instead of complaining about it or repeating someone elses opinions and you have a much better vocabulary than all those casts who just seem to use the words ‘like’ and ‘f@ck’ as punctuation. I feel I’ve learned more about the game from you guys than anyone else.
    The personality balance between the three of you gives a great synergy.
    Best show on the ‘net – keep it right up!

  9. Hey guys…

    Wanted to pass along some praise. I am a long time player started with unrevised. But took a hiatus like most vets did after ice age.
    You have been hilarious and your journey has helped me learn limited right along with you.

    Few questions.
    What happened to Ben? He was an amazing co-host and a great balance. Hope all goes well with him.
    Also are you going to keep doing draft…better than? section. it is both interesting and incredibly helpful.

    Also I am currently working on a death and taxes standard deck. would love for you to review it or have a look and tell me what you think.

    Keep up the amazing podcast

  10. Hi! I’ve cruised through almost every single episode in the last three weeks, as I got this cast recommended by someone on Reddit when I asked for good MAgic casts. I’m at the point where I think it’s sad that you don’t put out an episode every day 🙂
    Keep it up!

    But: Where is Ben now adays?

    Greetings from Norway!

  11. Hello,

    I just found the show due to Conmander Cast. I have been playing since 1995 and the same as you all never looked back. You guys are great, love the energy. I also loved the artical About needing more weman in magic. Saddly to say I have see a lot of girls and weman not play due to the way a lot of guys act around them at FNM or other events. Glad to see you guys getting into commander. Good luck and look forward to listening to all of you new episodes. Ooh and a great card for the white edh deck is Dragon Throne of Takir works great with tokens.

  12. Didn’t realize u guys play at mead hall. Ive been meaning to check that place out. Glad to see some fellow Minnesotans doing big things 🙂

  13. I am such a noob and I am super stoked about finding your podcast on Stitcher. I had a blast at GPLA watching and playing allot of limited as I do not have a modern deck constructed nor do I have that kind of money for modern masters boosters! But I can’t wait until I have a GP here in my hometown of Sandy Ego, California! (Stay Classy Sandy Ego) But I had so much fun with my brother in law playing 2 headed Giant and I am wondering why this genius type of play is not spoken of more often? Keep up the fun podcasts and I can’t wait to hear more!

  14. Hey guys, I’ve been a fan since you used “if you steal my sunshine” as the intro music lol. I was wondering if you ever will get Ben to do a guest spot on the show. He was great and I always think of him when one of you brings up ghost host.

  15. Hey guys i just discovered your cast and im glad to see some mtgcasts from minnesota, my home state. Thanks for all the awesome content. Though I would like to see more on edh as it is what I play regularly.

  16. Love both of these ladies. The videos are best because they make the best facial expressions, very cheeky. I am also a public broadcasting nerd, so I am sort of jealous of Maria. 🙂

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