I Guess Simic Really *Has* Evolved

So, it’s true. I played Simic at one of the Gatecrash pre-release events. You all know the drill: I had a five-pack sealed pool, plus one guild-specific pack and a promo card. Now, as only a brave person can do, I am going to show you the abomination that I brought forth into this world:


My pre-release Simic build. Eww.

My pre-release Simic build. Eww.



In my defense, this was a sealed pool — and things aren’t always rosy in a sealed pool, even when you get a guild-specific booster pack and a shiny promo card.

Why do I think this deck is gross? I know, I know, it has two Cloudfin Raptors (great card) and one Experiment One (great card, also great creature type, “Human Ooze.”) BUT! My curve is all out of whack. And, even though I had some good cards, a bad curve cannot make up for that.

Simic does best with a lot of creatures. I like to draft Simic with 20-21 creatures. All I need are two removal spells. As I said – this deck does have a lot of creatures. But, once again, the curve is off.

Also, you want as many 2-drops as you can get your paws on. I do not have enough 2-drops in this deck at all.  Frilled Oculous? That guy is a champ. Boros just doesn’t know what to do against him.

Plus, all you need is one Keymaster Rouge. Three? What was I thinking? That’s pretty risky, particularly in Simic, since upon casting you have to return something to your hand – losing its counters. I have also lost all love for Fathom Mage. Too expensive and too slow for this format!

But that deck was then. This is now. Here is a Simic deck I drafted a couple of weeks ago at my local store.

My newest Simic build. Muuuuch better.

My newest Simic build. Muuuuch better.



See the difference? It’s like night and day. True, it doesn’t have the prime one-drops that the earlier deck had — but, guess what, it didn’t *need* them because the curve was good. Yeah – I’ll say it – I think a good curve with plenty of vanilla 2-drops outclasses better creatures in a bad curve.

The deck above won me a draft pretty dang easily. And I’m proud about that! But what I’m *more* proud about is that it shows growth.

As a learner, it can sometimes be hard to believe that you’re actually growing as a player. A couple of bad draft weeks in a row . . . or a couple of bad nights at FNM can really give your confidence a knock. But when you get a chance, drag out a couple of old decks you put together and compare them to what you’re building now. Chances are, you’ll see what amazing growing you’ve been doing all along.

One thought on “I Guess Simic Really *Has* Evolved

  1. I ended up with a pretty weird simic deck myself. I first picked a shamble shark and was passed Fathom Mage, pack 2 pick 1 was a master biomancer…and pack 2 pick 2 I got ANOTHER Master Biomancer…so I went all in on the “GET SOME COUNTERS ON SHIT” plan.

    Here’s the Deck:

    1 mana:3
    1 Bioshift
    1 Burst of Strength
    1 Spire Tracer

    2 mana:7
    1 Burning-Tree Emissary
    1 Hands of Binding
    1 Metropolis Sprite
    3 Shambleshark
    1 Simic Charm

    3 mana:5
    1 Drakewing Krasis
    2 Elusive Krasis
    2 Slaughterhorn

    4 mana:8
    1 Fathom Mage
    4 Ivy Lane Denizen
    2 Master Biomancer
    1 Scab-Clan Charger

    9 Forest
    7 Island
    1 Simic Guildgate

    It’s a theoretically too high curve, but it just meant I had to be really aggressive with my mulligans. If I pull the Fathom Mage I’m probably going to start getting CRAZY amounts of card draw and counters just EVERYWHERE so it’s important to just hit 4 mana and start off the game just doing SOMETHING.

    Only game I lost was to a guy with just a ton a removal playing what would be called Borzov..but he was just red white black control with some bloodrush and extort and some burn type effects.

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