Magic the PROthering: Andrew Brown

On this episode of Magic the PROthering, Maria and Meghan capture team East West Bowl member and two-time Pro Tour Top 8’er Andrew Brown before he heads off to an official position in R&D at Wizards of the Coast! We talk motivation, creating an all-star team, living the “Platinum Lifestyle,” and what Magic means to him. It’s one of our favorite interviews of all time! SPECIAL BONUS: Andrew flips the script on our hosts and asks THEM questions in an extra-challenging game of “Define That Magic Slang!”


3 thoughts on “Magic the PROthering: Andrew Brown

  1. Andrew Brown gets demerits for quizzing M & M on the root of the Magic slang term “Tim” for a pinger and not knowing the origin of that term himself! It’s a Monty Python reference from Holy Grail – the sorcerer Tim points at stuff to blow it up. Bone up, Andrew — and best of luck at Wizards R & D!

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