Magic the PROthering: William “Huey” Jensen

On this episode of Magic the PROthering, Maria and Meghan welcome Pro Tour Hall of Fame Member (and all-around awesome guy) William “Huey” Jensen! Huey’s been playing Magic since he was only 13 years old – and made his first Pro Tour not long after. We’ll dive deep into his incredible career, learn how his team Peach Garden Oath was born, find out what drives him, and how he’s enjoying time in the booth as a commentator. We’ll also talk about his decision to come out publicly – what that meant to him and his family, why he thought it was important, and what kind of reaction he saw from the community. To this day, this is the only episode that’s ever brought Maria and Meghan to the brink of tears. It is not to be missed.

One thought on “Magic the PROthering: William “Huey” Jensen

  1. I cried while listening. While stuck in traffic at work and driving in the rain. Thank you for sharing and making us feel a little less alone. Also a B in the alphabet soup but with the outward appearance of a heteronormative life.

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