Maria’s Sealed Suckiness

The past two sealed events Maria has played IRL have been a real crap bundle. Can you build a better deck from her pool? Try your hand at it and see! Please post your deck lists below or link to them on Twitter @MtACast. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

The deck Maria built

The deck Maria built

The rest of the pool

The rest of the pool

As you can see, she sleeved up green to side into – but never actually used it in any matches, as she played against several very aggressive decks.

One thought on “Maria’s Sealed Suckiness

  1. Here is my build:

    1 CMC
    Font of Fertility

    2 CMC
    Deepwater Hypnotist
    Satyr Grovedancer
    Golden HInd

    Font of Fortunes x2

    3 CMC
    Triton Fortune Hunter
    Warwing Siren
    Wavecrash Triton
    Crystalline Nautilus

    4 CMC
    Eidolon of Blossoms
    Reaper of the Wild
    Chorus of the Tides
    Triton Calvary
    Spiteful Returned

    Griptide x2

    5 CMC
    Thassa’s Devourer
    Snake of the Golden Grove
    Sealock Monster

    6 CMC
    Nemesis of Mortals

    Temple of Deceit
    Forest x8
    Island x7

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