MtA Episode 103: Mile-High Mulligan

On this episode, Meghan regales Maria with tales from her journey to play Standard at GP Denver! Find out how her Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck faired against the field – and how friend-of-the-show Matthias Hunt smashed with his home-brew 5-color deck featuring Chromanticore! PLUS: The hosts share their woes and wins in Holiday Cube and Maria cannot figure out how to talk about hybrid mana costs but she DOES know how to deal with salty players on MTGO.

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One thought on “MtA Episode 103: Mile-High Mulligan

  1. Hi Amateurs,

    Love the podcast, it makes the beginning of the work week just a little more tolerable. As a long time Legacy player the series on the Holiday Cube has made me incredibly nostalgic to put away my fair decks and brush off some combo. Any chance either of you have gotten the bug to venture into the big, vast world of the two external formats yet? It will absolutely break your wallet but the interactions are so much more fun and interesting than playing a Siege Rhino or Whipping a Siege Rhino in Standard.

    I also enjoy any content on Drafting as that’s a format I’ve fallen out of due to none of my LGS’ hosting them on the weekends. What our your first impressions of the FRF draft format given the spoilers we’ve seen?


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