MtA Episode 106: Pick a Card, Any Card

On this episode, Maria and Meghan give you some tips on evaluating cards in a new set. How do you know which cards are good and which cards are garbage? How do you know that card isn’t garbage *disguised* as a good card? So many tips! PLUS: Meghan drops the f-bomb a lot, the ladies give you their FRF Worst Cards set review and they’ll throw in a Fate Reforged draft update FOR FREE! What value!

Chat up the hosts here:

One thought on “MtA Episode 106: Pick a Card, Any Card

  1. I made a couple more “Create-A-Card” designs, inspired by the challenge issued in this episode. Check out my two takes on “Murderous Kraut” – or was it “Murder Us, Kraut!”?

    Go to the URL I provided and, um, enjoy?

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