MtA Episode 112: BAMF

On this episode, Maria and Meghan get all spoiler-y up in here as they preview Dragons of Tarkir cards, chat about the upcoming fall set Battle for Zendikar and talk about the new double-faced Planeswalker cards for Magic Origins. PLUS: What the new mechanic “Megamorph” should have been called, Meghan gives Maria some *extra special* boosters to crack, and Sorin is a Jewish woman.

Chat up the hosts here:

One thought on “MtA Episode 112: BAMF

  1. We actually got Ajani’s fullish back-story back in Shards of Alara block, I’m assuming that’s one of the reasons we’re getting Gideon. That and the fact all of these Planeswalkers (aside from Liliana) have some connection to Zendikar or the Eldrazi.

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