MtA Episode 117: Role For It

On this episode, Maria and Meghan address the tricky question of how to “know your role” in any given game of Magic. Are you the beat-down or the control? When should you switch roles? Why is knowing your opponent’s role important as well? PLUS: Pro Tour DTK SCANDALS, Maria’s house is haunted, and a terrific cover of the song “Two Princes.”

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One thought on “MtA Episode 117: Role For It

  1. You have metal pipes that make that “knocking” sound at night when they cool down and the metal contracts. Try running some hot water and see if you hear a similar sound in the morning when the pipes heat up.

    Also, you probably have mice in your walls, or moths or something, and your cat can hear them. Maybe a mouse walked on the tool box and tipped it beyond the tipping point.

    Now, even if it is just pipes and a mouse, you may still have a ghost. But maybe the ghost is controlling the pipes and the mouse.

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