MtA Episode 118: May the Force Be With You

On this episode, Maria and Meghan talk about the concept of “force drafting” and when it might actually be a *good thing* to force a certain strategy in draft. WHAT?! Yass, queen! ALSO: We head into the mail bag to answer a couple of listener questions, Maria invents a new draft form based on a restaurant metaphor, and Meghan won’t stop rhyming.

Chat up the hosts here:

2 thoughts on “MtA Episode 118: May the Force Be With You

  1. Basically, state based effects aren’t checked in the middle of resolving spells, and after the spell resolves the Lightning bolt is in the graveyard. So before we can check if Tarmogoyf is dead (which happens right before the next player receives priority), the lightning bolt is already in the graveyard and he’s already a 3/4.

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