MtA Episode 119: Is There a Docta in the House?!

On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome special guest Gabe Reale aka “Doc” aka the best late-night streamer around! The hosts quiz Doc about how to strike a healthy Magic/life balance, what his winningest DTK draft strategies have been so far, and how well he likes the new PPTQ/RPTQ set up. PLUS: M & M try to stump Doc with a bunch of ridiculous Dragons of Tarkir limericks. SPECIAL BONUS: find out what sweet free swag the ladies will be giving away at GP Vegas!

Check out Doc’s stream:

Chat up the hosts here:

2 thoughts on “MtA Episode 119: Is There a Docta in the House?!

  1. I thought you were telling us your middle name was “Gravyboat.” Maria Gravyboat Horny_Unicorny. (I don’t know your last name. :/ )

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