MtA Episode 12: I Challenge You to a Duel (Deck)!

In this episode, Maria, Ben + guest host Jim go crazy for duel decks! Find out how they can be a useful tool for beginners – as well as experienced players. (Plus, find out why no Grandma should play Golgari!) Our team also covers other important topics, such as: the history of lands in MtG, the merits of Basilica Screecher, and which animal is the least moist. Also: can you pawn Planeswalker spunk? Maria is on a mission to find out!

Jim loves him some duel decks.

Jim loves him some duel decks.

One thought on “MtA Episode 12: I Challenge You to a Duel (Deck)!

  1. Great episode as always! Ben, I can appreciate your love of Chronatog. And while I can’t suggest any particular uses for him, I did write an article about a deck using Chronatog Totem to what might be its fullest. The deck revolves around skipping all your turns.

    For the create-a-card segment, I was pretty disappointed not to get a Karn, Sexually Liberated planeswalker. Maria could activate his abilities a lot, and maybe he’d provide quicksilver tokens! Oh, and it would be nice to see a post on this site with all the cards you’ve made so far. It can be tough to remember them and exactly what they do after they’re briefly mentioned.

    Finally, here’s a small correction: Mishra was not a planeswalker; he was Urza’s brother. They warred for years (The Brothers’ War), and it was the culmination of that war that brought on the Ice Age and caused Urza’s ascension to become a planeswalker.

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