MtA Episode 121: Fart Noise

On this episode, Maria and Meghan dive deep into the Modern Masters 2015 spoiler to prep you for MM2 drafts Memorial Day weekend! They’ll go through each of the featured mechanics and talk about some of their favorite cards along the way. PLUS: Maria shares the story of the stress of drafting at competitive REL level in the top 8 of a PPTQ, Meghan answers a spicy Dear Abby question from a listener, and the ladies bring back the old favorite game: Pick, Lick or Flick!

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4 thoughts on “MtA Episode 121: Fart Noise

  1. You girls really nailed it. I do want to have a fun, fun day, and that is why I listen to you.

    I haven’t been playing Magic lately, since Modern Bannings and life (my wife likes to hang out with me and not play magic instead of letting me go play Magic or playing Magic with me). So I’m not really new to the game or returning to the game, but I do like to laugh out my giggle hole! (Not that you said that this time, but that is pretty much the most iconic one.)

    I have even been taking a break from you girls, but I’m back on the MtA train, and catching up on episodes. Also my Snapcaster Mages have appreciated in value, and things like that are always exciting and remind me of one of the reasons Magic is fun (because money is fun $$$).

    Hi. Thanks for making episodes. I like them. 🙂

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