MtA Episode 123: Green Weenies

On this episode, Maria and Meghan dish on Modern Masters 2015 draft! Our intrepid hosts talk about their very first MM2 drafts and how they went. Is one color too weak in this set? What card did Meghan take over a bomb P1P1? Find out! PLUS: How to draft a format if you’re going in totally cold & some handy tips if you’re planning to head to GP Vegas this week!

Chat up the hosts here:

5 thoughts on “MtA Episode 123: Green Weenies

  1. general and admiral are the same rank. both have 4 ranks with a chance at a 5 rank in major war time. colonel is below all 4 general. general and admiral report to the prez of the us

  2. In many armies, a Marshal outranks a General, but usually nobody is promoted to the rank during peacetime. In the United States military the equivalent is “General of the Armies,” the final rank held by Jack Pershing, senior American army commander of the First World War. It was also posthumously awarded to George Washington.

  3. It went DKA, INN, INN, since DKA had a bunch of uncommon tribe leaders and other build around me cards. You should draft more of that (or maybe just triple Innistrad). So much flavor! Vampires and Werewolves and Zombies, oh my!

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