MtA Episode 124: What Happens in Vegas…

On this episode, Maria and Meghan recap their EPIC and INCREDIBLE trip to the biggest Magic tournament of all time: GP Vegas! Hear both the funny and the sad stories from Modern Masters 2015 sealed deck, the trials and tribulations of late-late-night drafts, and how much money the ladies lost on the slots. PLUS: MM2 draft insights, a special “TIPP” for new players, and we meet some saucy Rioteers!

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4 thoughts on “MtA Episode 124: What Happens in Vegas…

    • Also, I know this isn’t JudgeCast the Amaturing, but is it legal to flip a coin with an agreement that the loser of the coin flip concedes?

      And you could have just asked him to concede to you right back, there is no difference. If he wants to make sure one of you can go on, just flip the script.

      • You cannot determine the outcome of a game randomly. So, no, you cannot flip a coin. In fact, even suggesting that you flip a coin is illegal as it amounts to “collusion.” *THE MORE YOU KNOW* 😉

  1. The first draft I ever won was way back in High School when Mr. Shadowmage Infiltrator was the current set. What is that, Torment or something? Anyways, my opponent in the finals was so mad at me, because that card is seriously not fair. So good. I didn’t even understand card advantage at the time, I was just like, “sweet rare, I’m playing it.” I didn’t figure out who Jon Finkel was for like 10 more years.

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