MtA Episode 125: In Command

On this episode, Maria and Meghan are joined by the baddest boys of Commander – Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai – hosts of the Command Zone podcast! Listen in as Jimmy & Josh give their tips for EDH beginners and how even Spike-y players can enjoy the game. PLUS: the fearsome foursome talk MM2 drafts and Magic Origins spoilers. BONUS: Meghan doesn’t know about the famous Bush’s Baked Beans commercial.

Command Zone podcast:

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3 thoughts on “MtA Episode 125: In Command

  1. WHAT IF you flip a coin, and if it lands heads, you concede, but, if it lands tails, you ask your opponent to concede. That way, it is fair, you and your opponent are not making an agreement to determine who should concede, you are just using the coin flip to determine your own decision, which is totally legal.

    The down side to this is that your opponent may not concede if it lands tails which is dumb but I think this is a more balanced way to do it if you both would be in contention… Assuming you don’t both try this, because it really only works if one person is flipping the coin.

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