MtA Episode 127: Conditional Dork

On this week’s episode, Maria & Meghan welcome back very special guest and streamer extraordinaire: Doc! Doc assists our intrepid hosts as they continue their discussion about the importance of women in Magic. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, FOLKS! The trio also dive into some spicy new Origins spoilers as well as chat about potential new changes to MtG’s mulligan rule. SPECIAL BONUS: the best Sean Connery impression of all time.

Link to Doc’s stream:

Link to Leo’s diversity article:

5 thoughts on “MtA Episode 127: Conditional Dork

  1. Well after you put it that way, anything you show me is going to seem tame because no visual could possibly gross me out more than the word ‘beefy’.


    Not in reply to anyone on this thread, but people who think one needs some high level of accomplishment as a player to merit a commenting gig are a making a category mistake. Playing and analysis are different skills. Any sports fan familiar with the standard template of professional broadcaster paired with ex-jock in the booth can name any number of athletes who are terrible commenters and some great announcers who never played. Some people have been all-stars at both, but there are plenty of Vin Scullys and Tim McCarvers as data points that one skill doesn’t require or confer the other.

    Even if all the people currently doing mtg coverage happened to be pro tour competitors (as in, it was more than a fake standard which no one who produces broadcasts in the real world actually uses but some people like to pretend exists in order to move the goalposts on coverage candidates who happen to be women), I don’t think there would be much of a good-faith case for making that a hiring qualification.

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