MtA Episode 138: What the Trench

On this week’s episode, Maria & Meghan spill the details about the 2015 Community Cup! What crazy formats will they be challenged to? Just how hard will they take down Wizards in a blaze of shame?! To prepare, the ladies have been studying BFZ spoilers and share some insights with you. PLUS: More delightful mailbag questions from listeners, Origins Movie Pitches & there is a heated debate about WWI.

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2 thoughts on “MtA Episode 138: What the Trench

  1. World War One had more trenches, although World War 2 had the largest most advanced trench. Regardless, I think its best you apologise on the next podcast for making light of a brutal conflict that left Western Europe in tatters and directly impacted every single event of the 20th century. ESPECIALLY for the giggling.

    🙂 😛

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