MtA Episode 143: The Pros of the Pro Tour

On this episode, Maria and Meghan dish about Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar! Maria was behind-the-scenes on event coverage and Meghan was keeping track of all the action from start to finish. Hear the hosts’ thoughts on the current state of standard & draft! Tune in to hear a BOATLOAD of interviews with pro players like Owen Turtenwald, Efro, Craig Wescoe and Willy Edel PLUS commentators Marshall Sutfliffe and Rich Hagon. (And many more!) Special new segment: “Who Do You Think You Are?!” where we take one specific card down a few notches.

2 thoughts on “MtA Episode 143: The Pros of the Pro Tour

  1. Hi Meghan and Maria!

    You’ve probably heard of this by now on twitter, but the deck name “Aristocrats” comes from a classic improvised joke with the same name.

    In the joke a person is pitching their family show to an agent. The show consists of the most vile, shocking, horrible and disgusting things the comedian can think of, usually involving various bodily fluids, sexual acts, racism, bestiality and more. The joke then always ends with the same punch line:

    Horrified of what he’s heard, the agent asks the family what they call their show. And the family answers “´The Aristocrats”.

    There’s even a documentary called “The Aristocrats” about this joke. I think you might like it!

    Cheers from Finland,

    WeirdFM 🙂

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