MtA Episode 151: Lands Before Our Time

On this episode, Maria and Meghan shout “Land, ho!” and talk all about lands. That’s right! It’s all lands all the time on this episode of MtA. Learn about dual lands, storage lands, tap lands, man lands, something Meghan calls “Mean Lands,” and much more. Learn yourself a little land-centric history! Our hosts also address the recent mega-spoiler and the World Magic Cup!

4 thoughts on “MtA Episode 151: Lands Before Our Time

  1. Come on y’all.

    As a white, anglo-saxon, protestant, male from Tennessee, I feel that I MUST express my disappointment at your misguided, politically-correct “person” or “creature” land comments.

    Every red-blooded American from South of the Mason-Dixon line who is worth their salt knows that the politically-correct term for these is clearly “Critter”-lands.

    I realize that not being in a silver-bordered set, we don’t have true critter archetypes like Celestial Squirrel, Raging Raccoon, or Creeping Possum would be, but surely we can agree that if Man Land, Person Land, or other terms are either non-inclusive or inelegant, that “Critter” land is the superior term. IMHO, it even evokes feelings of cute cards like the beloved Gnarlids.

    Thanks for your entertaining podcasts.

  2. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! (which should totally be a land…)

    I love your podcast, it just cracks me up, and it was interesting to hear the lists of old-school lands.

    I don’t know if someone brought this up already, but I was curious about Forbidden Orchard because I figured there was some crazy combo around it. Sure enough, it’s played in Legacy with Oath of Druids — basically you have a creature and I don’t, so I get to cheat Griselbrand into play out of my deck. Seems pretty good.

    On another note from an old fogey — you missed Rainbow Vale in your list of drawback cards! That was the one where you got a mana of any color but you had to give control of it to your opponent at end of turn. For some reason I thought it was really good at the time.

    Anyway, thanks for the shows.

  3. Forbidden Orchard is insane in the Vintage Oath of Druids deck. You get to produce a mana of any single color and a Griselbrand for free on your side of the battlefield

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