MtA Episode 159: Pro Tour OGW

On this episode, Maria’s live from the Pro Tour! She’s got behind the scenes interviews with the pro players – including Top 8 finalists LSV and Frank Lepore. She also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how Pro Tour coverage is produced which includes a visit with a hand puppet version of Rich Hagon. PLUS: Meghan cries over split OGW drafts, our hosts play a new version of “MtG War” and hear a story from inside R&D about the very interesting origins of Siege Rhino.

4 thoughts on “MtA Episode 159: Pro Tour OGW

  1. Hey! Long time listener and love the show. I’ve realized recently that you both say Ugin strange.. Poll for you. Is it Yoo-gene (the way you two have been saying it) or is it Oo-gin [gin pronounced as in begin] (the way they’ve been saying it on the PT). Keep doing what you’re doing! GLHF

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