MtA Episode 165: Flavor Funtime

On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome very special guest & Wizards of the Coast Community Manager, Alison Luhrs! Alison lets us know what cool things to expect prerelease weekend, what it was like to design a set release around flavor, how the team built those amazing escape rooms, and why she doesn’t like milk in her cereal. PLUS: tons of Shadows Over Innistrad preview cards!

One thought on “MtA Episode 165: Flavor Funtime

  1. Dude, I pulled such a nut pool for the pre release. I’ll post my deck list, along with a sweet story for you guys! First off, heres my deck. 8 ran BW value :

    1 dead weight
    1 town gossipmonger
    1 Stern constable
    1 thraben inspector
    1 vessel of ephemera
    1 heir of falkenrath
    1 murderous compulsion
    1 rancid rats
    1 relentless dead
    1 ghoulcaller’s accomplice
    2 dauntless cathar
    1 bound by moonsilver
    1 angelic purge
    2 alms of the vein
    1 kindly stranger
    1 silverstrike
    1 tenacity (this card caused total Blowout wins all night!)
    1 throttle
    1 (I forget the name, but it’s the 4W 2/4 flying spirit that makes a spirit token if something died this turn when it ebt)
    1 descend upon the sinful
    1 morkrut necropolis
    8 plains
    8 swamps
    2 Westvale abbey (my foil promo! Yay!)

    I also had a thing in the ice in my pool but sadly couldn’t manage to fit the game ending horror in the deck. Sadface, but glad I got the card period.

    needless to say, I had a great deck to play with, and it went quite smoothly. I only lost to bant investigate control, but otherwise I ran the train on my opponents. With a record of 2-1, I went into my final round against a four color midrange value deck, and he took the first game. So, for funs sake, I told my opponent I had a special suprise for him and sided out the flying 5 drop spirit and one alms of the vein for one pick the brain and one copy of, there right, triskadekaphobia. Game two began, and I kept 2 Plains, 2 swamps, one Westvale abbey, triskadekaphobia, and the inspector. I spent the first few turns picking away at the opponent, and on turn three I dropped Westvale abbey with three creatures on board. He got worried as I hit five creatures and six lands on turn six, with him at 13 exactly, but his face dropped when I cast triskadekaphobia and passed. With no way of dealing with it or changing his life total, he scooped on his turn, shocked and in complete awe. He sided something to attempt to deal, but as game three began, he got stuck on only mountains for four turns as I plucked him down to 13 and stayed at 20. He was sweating BULLETS, and I reveled in his fear. He looked me in the eye and said, “just to show you how afraid I am of that card,” and cast avacyns judgement on a token and on himself to bring himself to 12, just to avoid 13 XD. Then, he ended up with a 2/2 life linking vampire token that brought him to 12. I dropped a relentless dead, and he offered a trade and went to 14 as I activated the ability on the relentless dead, and also bought my rancid rats back from the bin. Then, I top decked a triskadekaphobia, pinged him with the rat, and can’t the enchantment. He reeled and lost his mind, in front of a group of ten people watching our game, since everyone else was done with their games. Then, he shook his head and said, “i have no way to deal with that” I nailed two triskadekaphobia wins in a row, in my last round, in limited, and I was the only that did so in the entire pre release! It was glorious Haha. Best pre release I’ve ever been to…

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