MtA Episode 168: Communications Major

On this episode, Maria and Meghan talk about the importance of communication during a game of Magic. What are the best ways to make sure no one is confused about the game state? Hear their Top 4 picks! PLUS: our hosts ruminate on the state of new Standard (any spicy decks from SCG Baltimore?!), debate exactly when in a relationship you stop thinking someone is a serial killer, and play a rousing round of Flavor Text Theatre: Movie Pitches!

3 thoughts on “MtA Episode 168: Communications Major

  1. Also, Maria, maybe you need to brew the BR Vampires deck. You can play whatever you want. You don’t need to wait until someone else builds the deck and top 8s with it. You can do it.

  2. It isn’t just a good idea to keep track of life totals. It is required that you announce life total changes. Even when me and my opponent are both keeping track I have life total discrepancies almost every match, at least once. Usually it is one of us didn’t record a “gain 1 life” or “lose 1 life” trigger when the other one announced it, especially if it is at the beginning of combat or something, I will sometimes try to group those with combat damage. This is a bad idea. Record the life total change when it happens, if they attack and a trigger causes you to lose 1 life, record it, and then when combat damage happens record that. It is so easy to miss it or get confused otherwise, especially if things happen, maybe that creature gets killed or dies, and then later you are like, “why don’t our life totals match?” And it is because one of you missed the trigger on the now dead creature, and you recorded it with combat damage so it doesn’t stand out.

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