MtA Episode 178: We’re So Emrakul

On this episode, Maria and Meghan talk about the newest preview cards from Eldritch Moon – including the reveal of the Big Bad: Emrakul, The Promised End! What do our hosts think of this new card? How does it fit into Innistrad’s storyline? PLUS: Meghan gives us a recap of the lore so far (with pretty strong opinions about Sorin), the ladies talk Eternal Masters draft (and crack a pack!), and Maria tells a harrowing tale about being stung by a catfish. Yes…apparently, it’s something that can actually happen.

3 thoughts on “MtA Episode 178: We’re So Emrakul

    • Meeting you guys for dinner? I meant meeting you guys at a GP and then offering you chow. God damn, I have dinner on the mind.. xD

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