MtA Episode 20: Wait…Do You Have Any Protection?

In this episode, Maria, Meghan + Ben deal with one of Magic’s trickiest subjects: removal. (And various protections from removal.) What does having hexproof mean? How do you get rid of a pesky indestructible creature? And what does “protection” really protect you from? All these questions AND MORE will be answered! Plus: Cards of the Week, Create-a-Card (with some really great new cards) and Flavor Text Theatre Presents: “Goblin Test Pilot: A Drama.” This show is everything you could ever want… plus butterscotch ice cream.

4 thoughts on “MtA Episode 20: Wait…Do You Have Any Protection?

  1. Since it seemed like you struggled with how regenerate works, the one way ben did not describe it, is what it actually does. When you activate regenerate you get a regeneration shield, and that means the next time the creature would be destroyed, remove it from combat if applicable, tap it, and remove any damage marked on it.

  2. Just wanted to clarify one thing about indestructible. Indestructibility itself is not an ability, but any text on a permanent that reads “[This] is indestructible” is. So for example, Turn and Burn could be used to kill Tajic because Turn will remove his ability that is making him indestructible, but it will not remove the indestructibility of a permanent that was made that way by a different source (like Rootborn Defenses).

  3. Some edits on what was said in this podcast from Ben:

    * If you removed all abilities from a regenerator, then they could probably regenerate in response and the regeneration shield would still work.

    * You could use Trait Doctoring to get Pursuit of Flight on a Lavinia.

  4. So, just started listening, and I would like to point out that you guys pretty much invented Enchantment Creatures (which would make an appearance in Theros) right here. That was pretty cool.

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