MtA Episode 202: Mile-High Mardu

On this episode, Maria and Meghan share stories from GP Denver! Find out how Meghan did at the tournament running Jeskai Control, what epic matches Maria saw in the Feature Match Area, and who came home sick with the Con Crud! PLUS: When to start attacking with your control deck, brand new Aether Revolt preview cards, and a game of Movie Pitches with a pack of Eventide!


3 thoughts on “MtA Episode 202: Mile-High Mardu

  1. Listening and playing for 2 months now. I get so excited for new episodes! Listening to 202 as I build my first control deck.

  2. Maria!

    Did that video of me from standard showdown opening mox opal and my interview about mardu vehicles being in a good place in the meta ever get posted anywhere?

    Thanks for letting me know about your podcast/website and it was nice meeting you at Mead Hall. Have a good one!

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