MtA Episode 207: Aether Revolt Rules w/ Judge Rob

On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome back Level 3 Judge and Regional Coordinator for the North Region – Judge Rob! Rob’s here to let us in on all the new mechanics, interactions, and tricky issues that might come up with the new cards from Aether Revolt! Do you have an opportunity to kill Aethertide Whale? What’s the deal with split cards and the Expertise cycle? How the heck do you stop the Infinite Cat Lady Combo?! All these questions (and more!) will be answered! PLUS: Maria crowns the Cutest Card in the set (much to Meghan’s chagrin) and our intrepid hosts give you the best infection.

3 thoughts on “MtA Episode 207: Aether Revolt Rules w/ Judge Rob

  1. I really really really want to like your podcast, but you guys didn’t actually start talking about Magic until after six. fucking. minutes. Six minutes of cringe and self promotion and unfunny joke after unfunny joke. FOR THOSE OF YOU READING SKIP TO 7:20 IF YOU DIDNT LAUGH AT THE FIRST 10 SECONDS. Please please please get right to the point next time.

    • Spending time thanking the sponsors and people who support the podcast is normal in Magic podcasting. The #1 Magic podcast routinely spends just as much time “doing business” at the start of their show. We produce this content for free. It’s a TON of work. So, in exchange, we need to thank everyone who helps keep it going. You are free to fast-forward. If you don’t like our jokes – please listen to a different podcast instead.

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