MtA Episode 210: GP San Jose Pajama Party

On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome good friend and all-around talented/smart/punny guy, Ben Seck (@TBSdash) to celebrate Grand Prix San Jose! The trio jump into their pajamas and record a late-night episode all about Aether Revolt Limited (what’s up with sealed and draft in this set, anyway?) and Ben’s 23-year career in Magic (he top 8’d a PT & won the only GP ever held in South Africa). PLUS: your ears will be treated to the first-ever MtA Philharmonic Concert Series in which Ben breaks out his violin to play us a nerdy song medley and sings us a tune he used to make it to the third audition round of Australian Idol. SPECIAL BONUS: The hilarious story of how Ben tricked his parents so he could attend his first Pro Tour. This episode is a must-listen!

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