MtA Episode 216: Meghan’s Trip to New York

On this episode, Maria and Meghan talk Grand Prix New Jersey and the current state of Standard! How do our intrepid hosts feel about the decision not to ban any cards in the format? What was Meghan’s favorite GP moment? (Hint: it involves cookies) And exactly how did she end up in New York by accident? PLUS: We dive into the listener mailbag and answer an assortment of awesome questions from fans. Now, take a moment to ask yourself if this is all just a dream…

One thought on “MtA Episode 216: Meghan’s Trip to New York

  1. Hello!
    My name is Simon. Great show, keep up the good work.
    On this week’s podcast I heard you guys dabbling into the Amonkhet god cards speculation and I just couldn’t resist.
    I started a blog about Magic design and last week’s article was about designing the Amonkhet gods. Here is the link if you guys have some downtime (which from what I have heard on the podcast you don’t) and want to read something different from the community.

    Keep up the podcast!

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