MtA Episode 218: The Almond Cat’s Pajamas

On this episode, Maria and Meghan share a big bunch of brand spankin’ new Amonkhet (aka Almond Cat) preview cards! (They also share what they think of the look of the new Invocations! *Drama Alert*) Our intrepid hosts break down the new mechanics in the set and theorize about how super sweet they may (or may not!) be. PLUS: Aether Revolt Limited chat as they recap Grand Prix Orlando and a listener favorite returns: Flavor Text Theatre Mad-Libs! EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS: Are we in a parallel universe?!?

One thought on “MtA Episode 218: The Almond Cat’s Pajamas

  1. I’m shocked Maria doesn’t like Dawn//Dusk! It’s the Aggro Sweeper! Kill the giant things, leave the little guys behind, and then bring back your little guys!

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