MtA Episode 22: Home, Home on the Midrange


In this episode, it’s all about draft deck archetypes! Full block Return to Ravnica draft is pretty different that Gatecrash – and our three hosts are ready to muddy their boots, finding out what you should and shouldn’t be building around that draft table. Plus: get your game show on with Flavor Text Theatre Presents: “Guess That Card!,” Meghan’s Euphemism of the Week is especially euph-tastic, Trampoline becomes a Create-a-Card mechanic, and we find out just how much spambots love our show.

We mentioned Ben's collection of MtG cards. Say hello to them all!

We mentioned Ben’s collection of MtG cards. Say hello to … a small fraction of them.

3 thoughts on “MtA Episode 22: Home, Home on the Midrange

  1. The Armadillo Cloak is not the same word for word as the Unflinching Courage. In fact, the wording is what makes Armadillo Cloak OP as shit as it does not give “Lifelink”, it gives life equal to the damage done.

    So, some combat math awesomeness that I remember reading somewhere but was unable to find it after searching for 15 minutes was a Rhox Faithmender enchanted with 2x Armadillo Cloaks and a Boros Charm (or a simlar card) giving it double strike.

    The resulting Rhox Faithmender would then be a 5/9 Double Strike, Lifelink, Trample, and If you would gain life, you gain twice that much life instead.

    When he attacks he deals 5 damage in the precombat stage netting him 10 life from his Lifelink x2, 10 life from his first Armadillo Cloak x2, and 10 life from his second Armadillo Cloak x2 for a total of 30. In the following combat phase assuming he didn’t die with his huge ass he would do this again netting you 60 life in one turn.

    All of this because Armadillo Cloak does NOT give Lifelink. 😉

    Hope this was semi-educational and helpful.

  2. Also an additional note about Armadillo Cloak: you could enchant an opponent’s creature with AC, and you’d be the one gaining life; but if you enchanted an opponent’s creature with Unflinching Courage, your opponent gains the life. So back in the day they’d sometimes use AC as removal, since it negates the damage the opponent’s creature might deal.

    Droppin’ some knowledge like a carton of eggs, yeah!

  3. Also You can stack Armadillo cloak on top of an Unflinching Courage, as the old wording of Lifelink that Armadillo Cloak has resolves separately to lifeline effects, so you can lifelink and gain life for damage.

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