MtA Episode 23: Brother, Could You Spare Some Changes?

In this episode, it’s all about change! No, not the stuff you find in your couch cushions – the stuff that happens to you during puberty! Maria + Meghan wax philosophical about the big changes they’ve undergone as players during the last half-year and Ben explains some important new Magic rules changes. Plus answers to important questions like: Does selling your soul to a demon make your tube-top stay up? What is an Armadillo Clock? And, how many pumps does it take to get to the center of a Beetleform Mage? BONUS! This is the only episode (so far) recorded entirely by candlelight.

2 thoughts on “MtA Episode 23: Brother, Could You Spare Some Changes?

  1. You guys (and girls) are the best! I have been getting pickier about the podcasts I download lately but always eagerly download yours as fast as possible.

    Keep up the good work ladies, you rock!

  2. the main difference with armadillo cloak, to unflinching courage is you can play it as pacifism effect, if you played it on an oppentants creature, besides that i love this pod cast its hilarious, and really fun, keep up the good work

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