MtA Episode 247: Too Many (?) Tangents

On this episode, Maria and Meghan are back (and better?) than ever after a weekend covering the U.S. Nationals tournament in Richmond, Virginia! Enjoy their sleep-deprived states as they walk you through what’s new with Standard (Maria loves those vamps!), how the Ixalan draft format is evolving (Meghan loves those treasures!), and what to expect when the world’s best meet at the World Magic Cup this winter. OH! Did we fail to mention that this show goes off the rails in a pretty major way? Well, it does. I sure hope you like long, involved discussions about barely relevant tv shows and movies because…let’s just say, you’re gonna get it. To anyone who worked on either “Early Edition” or “I Origins”, we apologize in advance.

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One thought on “MtA Episode 247: Too Many (?) Tangents

  1. Early Edition was one of the greatest TV shows ever.

    I would have loved to see a crossover: Star Trek – Early Edition.

    Our hero is an ensign on a Federation starship whose cat brings him a daily datapad with the next day’s news.

    He then has to frantically try to either save the ship from certain disaster, try to divert the ship to another location to prevent a disaster there, come up with excuses to be on an away team, etc.

    While that’s going on, the rest of a regular Star Trek episode just unfolds around him so that the style jumps back and forth between the two shows depending on whether we’re seeing his Early Edition styled activities or following the bridge crew who are usually the focus of any Star Trek episode.

    A guy can dream, can’t he?

    Hey, it’s probably a better idea than my Star Trek: Baywatch which follows the exploits of a bold team stationed at a beach on the vacation planet of Risa….

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