MtA Episode 248: Sealed With a Kiss

On this episode, Maria and Meghan dive deep into the Ixalan sealed format ahead of Grand Prix Phoenix and some sealed PPTQs that might be headed your way soon! They crack six packs and attempt to build the best deck with what they get. (Want to play along at home? Head to to see photos of the deck build or watch this episode on YouTube!) Our fearless hosts also chat about what treasures Ixalan has brought to Modern after an SCG tournament, they dip into the Listener Discord Mailbag, and Maria raps…poorly.

Here’s our various colors we opened, along with our two main builds: GBu and BW

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4 thoughts on “MtA Episode 248: Sealed With a Kiss

  1. Welp looks like you uploaded the raw audio! Gotta say, I kinda liked it. Obviously the polished show is better, but it was cool to peek behind the scenes.

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