MtA Episode 29: Everything Old is New Again

In this episode, Maria, Meghan + Ben pull out all the stops – convincing a former player to come back to the game. Do you know someone in your life who used to play Magic but has since lapsed? This is the episode to share with them! Plus: the team discovers a new kind of diabetes and we get a blast from the past as our newbies read the cover of an old issue of The Duelist! SPECIAL FUNTIME BONUS: How can a Create-a-Card of “Red Panda” be disturbing? Better listen to find out!

4 thoughts on “MtA Episode 29: Everything Old is New Again

  1. I loved this podcast, especially the portion of podcast the described the ante, and the question of did drafting exist way back in? i just had the same experience when I brought my Ice Age, 3rd & 4th edition cards including Hymn to Tourach after not playing since 1997. Fun show

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