MtA Episode 35: What’s Wrong With My Deck?

On this episode, Maria, Meghan + Ben answer the age-old question, “what’s wrong with my deck?” by analyzing a sealed deck built by a new player. (Remember, it’s not how big your 7-drops are, it’s how you use them.) The crew also checks out the sweet new Theros spoilers, Ben covers pre and post-game etiquette, and Maria and Meghan enter a truly bizarre marriage counseling session. Also, you won’t want to miss the Create-A-Card of Bannister Priest!

One thought on “MtA Episode 35: What’s Wrong With My Deck?

  1. Normally I make it a point to keep myself emotionally detached from everything I see and hear on the internet, but after listening to this episode I feel the need to break my sacred vow and actually post a comment.

    “Good Luck, High Five” is without a doubt the greatest reimagining of an acronym ever in the history of the universe. I will do my part to spread it to the masses and I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes (ears?) to this glorious phrase.

    Keep up the great work gals and dude!

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