MtA Episode 43: Inside Pro Tour Theros

On this episode, Maria, Meghan and Ben are joined by MTG Pro (and 2011 Rookie of the Year) Matthias Hunt mere hours after he returned back to the states following Pro Tour Theros in Dublin! Matthias gives us the low-down on how teams are formed for the Pro Tour, how they decide what decks to play, and how draft has evolved since the release of Theros. Plus: a new Create-a-Card, we find out what “goldfishing” is, and we tell you how you can win a box of Theros!

Matthias' RB draft deck

Matthias’ RB Pro Tour Theros draft deck, 2-1


Matthias' RU Pro Tour Draft Deck, 3-0

Matthias’ RU Pro Tour Draft Deck, 3-0


Matthias' Pro Tour notebook. Adorbs.

Matthias’ Pro Tour notebook. Adorbs.



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