MtA Episode 53: The LIVE Episode!

On this episode, Maria, Meghan, and Ben continue to celebrate their one-year of podcasting with an episode recorded LIVE in front of a studio audience! The hosts take questions from the crowd, give out prizes, discuss Theros sealed deck, and chat about the new Born of the Gods planeswalker. This is Maria’s personal favorite episode – so, you know, you’d better listen. And perhaps the only MTG podcast recorded in front of an audience…ever…maybe? Also: there was cake, but if you weren’t there, you didn’t get any.


Chat up the hosts here:


One thought on “MtA Episode 53: The LIVE Episode!

  1. I will have you guys know I am now in open revolt against the intro. I turn down the volume, hit play and then play ‘steal my sunshine’ from an older episode in another tab and pause the podcast at :22 and resume after ‘steal my sunshine’ is over. You guys were right when you said it was perfect in an old episode, it is! It just isnt the same without it!


    Love you guys! Keep up the great cast! It is good even for people that have been playing forever. I have ‘played’ from beta-invasion and zendikar-now and still love this show for the ‘noobs’.

    Good luck, high five!

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