MtA Episode 54: Come Playgroup With Us, Danny

On this episode, Maria, Meghan, and Ben chat with Grand Prix Toronto runner-up and all-around super-smart-Magic-guy Greg Ogreenc! (Yes, that really is how he spells his last name!) Greg gives us insider secrets on how to put together a playgroup that will help improve your game and the games of your friends. If you’re serious about getting serious about MTG, this is the episode for you! Extra special bonus: the whole episode was recorded over Skype because it was effing freezing outside and our hosts are wusses.

2 thoughts on “MtA Episode 54: Come Playgroup With Us, Danny

  1. I don’t like the guest speaker; he talks too much and his situation of about a 100 in his playgroup, traveling around to take part in GP/PT etc, it’s not likely that much of your listeners are able to do. And the guest often does not pause when the hosts want to talk about something else.

    I would prefer that the hosts have more talk-time and perhaps elaborate on why the guest said some stuff. Perhaps also talk about some interesting things that happened after the previous live episode?

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