MtA Episode 61: All Your Mana Bases Are Belong to Us

On this episode, Maria, Meghan, and Ben break down the mystery behind mana bases in limited. How many lands of which type should your 40-card deck run? It’s a more complicated answer than you might think! The trio also visits the oldest expansion sets in Magic history…and hoo boy…were things different back then! Plus: we get an update about BNG draft, and we learn that even valley girls play Magic!

2 thoughts on “MtA Episode 61: All Your Mana Bases Are Belong to Us

  1. Am I crazy?

    I insist on using basic lands that have a matching picture… hence, I not only sort spells, I must sort lands too. In addition, if my deck is blue-green, for instance, I’ll find a forest that has a lot of blue in its artwork, and an island that has a lot of green to it. Or for a white-black deck, I might use black-bordered plains, and white-bordered swamps.

    On the other hand, my commander decks must contain unique artwork for each land.

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