MtA Episode 70: The Dating Game

On this episode, Maria, Meghan and Ben aren’t afraid to ask the hard hitting questions about Journey into Nyx – such as: “which cards should, like, date?” The team also gets real by analyzing tactics vs. strategy in a game, naming off their favorite JOU cards so far, and laying down a few thoughts on the brand-spanking-new draft format. BONUS: find out what special kinds of illegal sleeves the hosts use to throw off their opponents!

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One thought on “MtA Episode 70: The Dating Game

  1. Your puns are terrible. Absolutely so. I’d say you guys are a 4.5/5 normally, a .5/5 with puns.

    Also, in other news (but not in other news so I can show my pun proficiency), what do you guys think about Man-Horse Tribal? If you’d play that at a FNM, you’d be the Centaur of attention! The Mane attraction! Be careful that it isn’t flat mechanic wise, because it might be a “one-trick pony”!

    Those are puns.

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