MtA Episode 78: We’re All Losers

On this episode, Maria, Meghan and Ben deal with a tricky subject: losing. The crew chats about what you should do when you think you have no way to win a game – and how you can still reap benefits from playing it out. PLUS: info on midrange decks, cards hook up in The Dating Game, and Ben takes off his shirt. EXTRA SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Team MtA has a brand spankin’ new series of MtG videos on the internet! Listen to find out how to see every episode of My Roommate is a Planeswalker.

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One thought on “MtA Episode 78: We’re All Losers

  1. I added some content to my web page. I felt inspired to come up with a card named “Meghan’s Ranking System” after listening to this episode, and then I felt inspired to extend it to Maria and Ben too. If you go to my site (wpandp dot com) and use the search box for “selfie”, you’ll find the page that I used to issue the challenge that became a segment in episode 65. Scroll down to the bottom, there’s my new cards.

    Whaddaya think?

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