MtA Episode 86: I Need a Good Mechanic!

On this episode, Maria and Meghan get all mechanical and cover a butt-ton of mechanics from the entire history of Magic! Interested in some of the lesser-known or strange mechanics? Don’t fret, they’ve got you covered! PLUS: Big news in the Multiverse as MTG sets and standard undergo some massive changes, Meghan brews some awful jank surrounding the card Aggressive Mining, the ladies discuss which M15 cards should date, and we let you know which horse care podcasts to listen to! …Yes, you read that right.

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One thought on “MtA Episode 86: I Need a Good Mechanic!

  1. Your not Wrong, Cascade is one of the optional rules in Ring of Fire. It is a drinking game where you spread a pack of playing cards around a fish bowl (Mixing drink bowl). Each card number (including the royals) has a unique rule, these rules tend to change and be house ruled by whoever knows the game. Then in turns everyone goes around the circle of players picking cards from the spread out pack. Whichever they draw enacts its rule and the game continues, if a player breaks the circle they are out of the game.

    The rules tend to be:
    Aces = 1 Finger, 2’s = 2 Fingers, 3’s = Empty, 4’s = Cascade, 5’s = Guys, 6’s = Chicks, 7’s = Heaven, 8’s = Mate, 9’s = Rhyme, 10’s = Category, Jacks = New Rule, Queens = Question Master, Kings = Pour

    So when you draw an Ace you must drink 1 fingers worth of your drink. If you draw a 2 you must drink two fingers and on drawing a 3 you must finish your drink (no matter how close you are to finishing). Drawing a 4 is Cascade (also known as Waterfall) where the drawer begins to drink and everyone in the circle must start drinking when the person to their left drinks and can’t stop until that person does or until they empty their drink. 5 is all guys drink and 6 is all girls drink. 7 Heaven is when you draw it you may put a hand to the heavens (into the sky) whenever you want until the next person draws a 7 and the last person put their hand up must drink. 8 is you pick another player and whenever one of you drinks the other must also drink. 9 is rhyme, you say a word and going around the circle everyone must try to rhyme a new word with it until someone can’t and that person drinks. 10 means you pick a category and similar to 9 you go round the circle listing things first person to fail drinks. Jacks mean you can create a new game often (for example: Jacks now also have Rhyme on them or Whenever someone goes to the toilet they must finish their drink when they return). Queens are you become the question master and if anyone answers a question you ask then they must drink. and Kings are you add your current drink to the fish bowl and the last person to draw a king must drink the fish bowl.

    So those are the rules I last played by and they are open to change but I hope that answers your question of what game Cascade was from.

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