MtA VIDEO – Episode 156: Let’s Get Wasted

On this episode, Maria and Meghan are live from the Oath of the Gatewatch prerelease! What awesome pulls did they have? What archetypes did they play? Did they get enough Wastes in their pool? Find out! PLUS: Maria shares her initial thoughts after a draft of the format, the ladies talk about the recent bans in Modern, and a rousing round of OGW Movie Pitches with several pitches that could be actual, GOOD movies. I know, right?! Meghan also learns a lot about Koalas.

One thought on “MtA VIDEO – Episode 156: Let’s Get Wasted

  1. Hey, there I am! (9:02) I also lost to Meghan in round two. I hope you both had a better record than I did! I went 1-3 overall, but I had fun.

    Anyway, I just now remembered to find your site. I’m glad I did – you do an entertaining podcast!

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