MtA VIDEO – Episode 163: Art Attack

On this episode, Maria and Meghan welcome special guest and MtG art expert Mike Linnemann (@VorthosMike) to talk about artists charging for signatures at events. We also chat with Mike about a very important part of Magic lore known as “The Mending.” What got mended? Who died? Who turned mortal? Find out! PLUS: Shadows Over Innistrad preview cards & new mechanics, Maria doesn’t know how batteries work, and Meghan has a legit fright attack about eyes growing on shoulders.

One thought on “MtA VIDEO – Episode 163: Art Attack

  1. I think that the other part of the charging for signatures is that those signed cards are more valuable, so I’m totally willing to pay for the signatures because if I ever could part with my signed treasures, they’ll be worth more. (I’m currently listening so I don’t know if you will cover it).

    I got to talk to a bunch of different artists at ECCC. Like Jesper Myrfors. Did you know that he was the original designer for the back?! We talked for about half an hour about the design process for that. Nuts. Crazy talent.

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