MtA VIDEO – Episode 175: The Day 2 Crew

On this episode, Maria and Meghan take a break after a tiring (but incredible!) weekend at GP Minneapolis and let their buddies Steve and Steve host the show in their place. So, instead of Magic the Amateuring – this week, enjoy an amazing episode of “Hey Bro, Let’s Kick It” all about Magic. Steve and Steve chat about proper card randomization, top GP Minneapolis decks, and the weekend’s meta game. They also interview Maria and Meghan about their experiences making their first Day 2 and claiming their first ever Pro Points. BONUS: Find out what Steve and Steve do for their day jobs and what is easily the greatest band of all time.

2 thoughts on “MtA VIDEO – Episode 175: The Day 2 Crew

  1. Is there an article or something that talks about this mana weaving incident? I did some googling but I keep finding really old posts.

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