MtA VIDEO – Episode 190: What Does the Fox Say?

On this episode, Maria and Meghan share stories from their exciting trip to play Team Sealed at GP Louisville! Maria shares her worst Bad Beat of all time & Meghan evaluates her play decisions. PLUS: tips for drafting in 10-person or 6-person pods, tons of new Kaladesh cards (Inventions are shiny!), and we get spooky with Flavor Text Theater. BONUS: a bone-chilling fox scream from a listener & MtA gets its first official sponsor!

One thought on “MtA VIDEO – Episode 190: What Does the Fox Say?

  1. 4 episodes of house MD to get you started.
    Three stories
    House vs. God
    Son of coma guy
    One day one room

    If you watch these and still dislike the show so be it.

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