MtA VIDEO – Episode 200: The Musical Episode #2

On this episode, Maria and Meghan get MUSICAL! To celebrate their 4th birthday and 200 episode milestone, MtA penned some sweet, sweet songs to serenade you with as you let their podcast gently waft over your earholes. You’ll also hear tons of questions answered from the Listener Mailbag and get some insight into the backstory of how the podcast got started. PLUS: a boatload of amazing birthday messages submitted by INCREDIBLE fans of the show! Enjoy this musical masterpiece! Here’s to 200 more.

One thought on “MtA VIDEO – Episode 200: The Musical Episode #2

  1. Wow, i don’t know every single episode but i hear them on a irregular base with certain regularity (if that makes any sense) and i gotta say: the 200th is the most fun.
    Love your work and think it is pretty unique (not just the gender thing with magic but the perfect and entertaining harmony between you two).
    Keep up the good work and may there be another 200 episodes at least (no pressure though :p ).

    A late happy birthday from me and greetings from germany

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