MtA VIDEO – Episode 233: Peasantly Surprised

On this episode, Maria and Meghan recap the excitement that was the Hour of Devastation prerelease weekend! Our intrepid hosts went to not one, not two, but THREE prereleases – and they’re ready to tell you all about them! What sick rares did Meghan pull? What awful rares did Maria get?! Find out! PLUS: Peasant Cube Master Extraordinaire Sam Dunnewald (@thepoopsert) stops by to tell us about his passion: Peasant Cube. Learn how to build your own peasant cube, what awesome synergies to include and what common pitfalls to avoid. SPECIAL BONUS: Meghan tries to stump everyone with a Flavor Text Theatre game that shows off her flavor text writing skills! Can you beat the newest flavor master in town?

Cube April’s “How to Build Your Own Cube” episode:…

Sam Dunnewald’s Peasant Cube:

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